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Organ donor

September 5, 2017 Ethics 0


In most countries, including the United States and Germany, organs are only donated if the person has agreed on it before death. Think about it. The required form/registration is completed within five minutes and could mean years of quality life for multiple people (saving up to eight people and improving the quality of life for up to 50).

There are many reasons you can make up to seemingly justify not giving away your organs post-mortem. I’ve gone through most and it usually boils down to this: You’re afraid of your own mortality and prefer not to address the topic. Ironically, this might mean the unnecessary death of someone else who prefers to continue living just as much as you do…

In my opinion, not signing up as an organ donor results in a failure to render assistance in a life-or-death situation. 

A little thought experiment.

You’ve been injured badly in a mini van accident and know you will die in a matter of minutes without any probability of survival. You are conscious however while the eight other passengers have passed out. The van is burning and will explode à la Michael Bay in five minutes. Should you spend these five minutes of your life whining and denying your inevitable upcoming death or should you get up, act, save lives and add eight stories otherwise left untold?

Don’t trust your gut on this one; become a donor now! Otherwise you’ll most probably “forget” it soon 😉

Germany: Form link

United States: Registration link


image by: Patryk Sobczak

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