The Crystal Metaphor

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The Crystal Metaphor

January 10, 2019 Ethics Family 0

Do you have children? Here is a small metaphor for them about character, virtues and the path of becoming a good person.

A fine crystal is like a wonderful person.

  1. A fine crystal has a clear shape, sharp corners and a fine contour – a wonderful person has unshakable principles, integrity and knows what he/she is and wants.
  2. A fine crystal is hard and sturdy – a wonderful person has an unmatchable staying power, keeps promises and remains the same in adversity.
  3. A fine crystal had to grow. It took heat and pressure to become what it is – a wonderful person has to grow in the same way. It is not always a pleasant path but the result is stunning.
  4. A fine crystal is something everyone enjoys and keeps close – a wonderful person will always be welcomed, seen as a treasured friend and valued like a diamond.
  5. A fine crystal’s beauty endures time – a wonderful person leaves an imprint of love on his/her surroundings for generations to come.

Then show them a picture of the cave of crystals in Mexico with its up to 12 meter crystals and its 58°C (136°F) (link here). Mind-blowing. Then tell them about their choices in life. Dust or crystal. Thrown to the ground or held close and cherished. No pressure 😉

Photo by Jason D on Unsplash

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