NZ Update – IELTS in Berlin

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NZ Update – IELTS in Berlin

September 26, 2017 New Zealand 0

If you aim for the Skilled Migrant Visa to immigrate to NZ you’ll have to prove that you have a good command of the English language. The best way to do this is to get a 6.5 or higher score on the IELTS Test.

So Ella, me, a Baby and Ella’s sister went to Berlin last Thursday (Berlin is the only center in Germany offering the IELTS on a Thursday instead of a Saturday).

You can read about the IELTS structure on the Internet but this is a broad overview:

First Part:

  • 40 Minutes Listening Test
  • 60 Minutes Reading Test
  • 60 Minutes Writing Test

Second Part:

  • 15 Minutes Speaking Test


A few tips concerning the IELTS in Berlin (and generally):

  • Take a poop before the first part!
  • In terms of preparation there is plenty good stuff on the IELTS homepage and youtube.
  • Go to Berlin by train / public transport. Its a busy city.
  • If you want to have the speaking test on the same day as the rest, contact the IELTS people via the hotline beforehand. Otherwise the speaking test might also be a day or two after.
  • Don’t bring too much stuff to the British Council in Berlin. They don’t like to see you show up with much luggage. This also includes babies 🙂
  • If you have a baby you’ll need a babysitter. The first part is roughly three hours long, you’ll have no breaks and the only thing you’re allowed to take into the testing room is a transparent bottle of water without any labels. So, no baby.
  • Take a pee before the second part!


Results are available 13 working days after the test.

Good luck!


image by Neil Cooper

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