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Minecraft – the Lego of today?

I can not shake my generation’s gut feeling of digital media being a poor choice for child entertainment / play. I grew up with hours of building Lego cities, spaceships and creating fantasy worlds of heros, villans and village idiots. It was considered a suitable hobby. Fostered creative building, engineering skills and had enough degrees…
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November 3, 2019 0

My first Android Library

  Yay, I just published my first open source Android Library for Android Wear! It’s just 137 lines of code so I’m probably not allowed to call it a real library; but hey! It’s a start. You’ll find it here on GitHub. I published it to bintray and linked the repository to jcenter (no maven…
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November 8, 2017 0

Switch to Kotlin

Non-technical advice on how to switch from Java to Kotlin for Android developers Kotlin is a great addition to the Android world. For me it has the potential to be what intelliJ was to eclipse in terms of Android development. You’ve heard about it a lot and after several years of verbose Java development you’d…
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October 11, 2017 1 ist ein Hosting Service mit ein paar Besonderheiten welches ihn sehr von anderen Anbietern (strato, hosteurope, etc.) unterscheidet. Ich habe mich ein wenig ihn in verliebt und möchte hiermit ein wenig davon erzählen 🙂   Besonderheiten Den Preis bestimmst du. Minimal 1€ im Monat. Empfohlen sind 5 bis 10€ monatlich. Geteiltes Linux System.…
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September 16, 2017 2